The Twins: The Complete Blog Series - Free Ebook Download!


I know I promised to get this ebook compiled and ready for anyone who wanted to download, like last month, but things just got in the way and sometimes that happens. However, it IS finally done and ready for you to download and sideload to the device of your choice.

Keep in mind, you can still enjoy The Twins on the blog here. It will also eventually be moved to my website - I am trying, whenever I get the damn time, haha, to create the library of all my outtakes and blog series in digital form on my website but it's more work than it may appear to be considering the large load of outtakes and blog series I have created over the years.

With more still to come ...

Of course.

Because it's me.

To answer a few questions that came up:

- The next blog series is also a Guzzi series. You'll learn more soon.
- Outtakes should resume next month, February. I'm trying to catch up on my deadlines at the moment and family life is just ... busy. Not that I would change a thing.
- And of course, my KO-FI is still live if you want to buy me a coffee to say thank you. Not that you have to - but thank you to each and every person who has. It means the world.

As for The Twins: 

Download now:

MOBI (for Kindle*)
EPUB (for all other devices)

Of course, this ebook is unedited and mostly in raw form. I also do not consider my outtakes and blog series to be "cannon" to my worlds as they are mostly just a way to have fun, stretch my writing fingers, and it gives my readers something to enjoy between releases.

Many, many thanks to Sasha Elle for the cover for this blog series, again. She always makes me smile with the ideas she comes up with, and I love her for it.

Okay, loves.

That is all this time.


*If you're unsure how to sideload a mobi file to your Kindle device or app, learn below.


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