A year later.

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(interestingly enough, this pole is used to teach our kids boundaries. They're often told if they go beyond the smiling pole, nobody will be smiling on the way back; lol)

Hello again. 

Has it been that long? 

Last September, as I was facing down another long winter, I had just begun to make a few choices regarding writing and publishing. These "choices" ranged from needing a break from my constant writing schedule where everyday was dedicated to getting the most writing time I could out of it to more business related things - pulling backlist books from exclusivity programs to launch them everywhere I could put them. A better word for what I was doing a year ago, I guess, would be making decisions. 

I hate both those words. No particular reason. I was just doing things that had to be done because I didn't have the time to sit at my computer for hours a day when every one of my computers and spaces were being given up to children who needed to e-learn daily during months and months of lockdowns. Mind you, I'm not complaining. Much ... 

Listen, at the end of the day I told myself: kids need to learn, teachers are doing the very best they can considering the circumstances, and parents, I think, are the forgotten sacrifices at the end of the day.

We make shit work. And so I did. 

It's expected, anyway. Parents will do what their kids need regardless of the time it takes away from everything else you have to do in a day to stay above water. That's why I called it a forgotten sacrifice. After a while, things that are expected and happen accordingly--like a clock running perfect time--it forms a habit. Nobody's even looking your way anymore. 

Why should they? 

You're doing exactly what they knew you would because you always do. 

In the midst of the last year, despite writing significantly less and having a similarly lessened release load, I've still kept writing and publishing. Not as fast. Not with as as many words. See, my shorter chapters were getting written in between half hour breaks of which kid had to be on which online class, and on weekend mornings. 

The overall bulk of my writing this year - mostly coming from The Beast of Moscowsaga - was written over this past summer. Ending with the fourth book I've not yet published, The Breath Before Forever, that I finished around the third week of August. Thank my husband for that book - he took three weeks of vacation this year, and every single one of them went to managing our four kids so I could meet looming deadlines on books I had barely even thought about until I was writing them. 

Shout-out to the cheap-ass Acer Chromebooks* that managed not only two of my kids' online classes, plus my own writing over this past year, though. Had I been only writing on my HP PC, nothing would get done with six humans - never mind all of the animals - constantly around me while I'm trying to focus. Wasn't it only a few years ago when I needed lots of noise to get any writing done? 

The irony isn't lost on me, but screw it. Let's move on. I promise there was a point to this.  

Well, sort of. 

I'm still trying to figure things out. Actually, that's part of the reason I'm writing this. My first blog post in over a year. I suspect there will be quite a few people who jump to the unfortunate conclusion that a post here means I will be releasing outtakes 3x a week, taking this or that request, and whatever else. You can probably guess why I called that an unfortunate conclusion without me needing to spell all of it all. 

TLDR; no, I won't be doing those thing. 

I know that's not a proper TLDR. Eh. 

I really just want to catch up. Take some time to say hello again. Share some beautiful pictures and fun projects I've worked on with my hubby over the last little while when I wasn't writing. Maybe I will use my time here to also revisit some old characters and reader-favorites, but I've not thought too hard about those things. 

My goal, though, is to post at least three times a week. It's not a promise. Just one of those goals things that make my days feel more productive which leads me into even further productivity. Trust me, I could use some of that right now. 

Maybe it'll be posts like this where I pick something to ramble on about, or perhaps I'll write something from a prompt. Whatever the case, I have a desire to be back here on my blog. I honestly think the reason is because this was sort of where I first started. When I "decided" to write professionally - which doesn't sound the same in 2021 when anyone can make an account somewhere like KDP or Radish and make money writing fiction, but whatever - this blog was the first thing I created. 

Pretty sure the Bethany-Kris writes ... Facebook page came second. 

Not that it matters, so let's get back to what does. Like the fact I need to go pick up the youngest from his first day of Pre-K, and then the rest of the boys from their school. That's why I picked today to write and post this blog. Out of all the things I could have done today with my six hours alone, this felt like the best way to spend it. 

Whoever is here reading this, I hope to see you back on the blog again soon with something new. For now, I'll leave you with two of my favorite pictures this year from the property. 



Current read (a consistent re-read for me): Go Ask Alice* by anonymous

Autumn is the best time of year here. With all the colors, it almost looks alive even if the color is really just a sign of a cold winter soon to arrive. 

Hubby and I put these stairs in about three weeks ago - at 400lbs a piece, they shouldn't move, but a rainstorm this week tried hard to take the hill away from them. 

*Full disclosure: all Amazon links used/posted on BK's blog, website, and newsletter are affiliate links through the Amazon Affiliate Program. BK earns a small commission when you buy something through the link, and it costs you nothing.  


  1. I won't lie, I did think it was going to be a post welcoming back some outtakes LOL. Aside from writing, your life sounds pretty much like my life and the life of so many other parents during this awful time. I love the colors you're surrounded by. I'm in Toronto and I don't think it ever looks prettier than it does in the fall, which happens to be my absolute favorite season. As always, I look forward to whatever you publish, whenever you publish. Lots of love xoxo

    1. I definitely want to do some fiction writing on here, for sure. I'm sure between prompts and outtakes, there's sure to be something. I also just wanna write, I guess. Even if it's me rambling. And yeah, the last two years have taken a lot from people. Autumn is my favorite season too. Pretty colors and hoodie weather. What more could you ask for? 🤣

  2. I’ll just keep spamming your IG mail with trash pandas and waving hand gifs from the US…hey BK 👋🏾


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