Photo Dump (but more) - Sept 27 - Oct 3, 2021

You should know there's no particular reason for this photo dump. I just felt like it. Starting with Devon (aka Tucky) looking too happy to be sitting where he is. ;)

Happy birthday, bitch.

Hubby finds the sweetest things.

It's a bad time of year for seagulls. I may or may not be guilty of feeding them extra fries. Don't judge me, thanks. 

Colors still changing. 

I grabbed this trio of "Noted" packs by PostIts at Walmart after passing them at least three times before giving into my urges. I have a problem with list making and notebooks meant for productivity. Not because I don't use them. I do, actually. I just buy more than I can use oftentimes. These were kind of on-brand for me though. Todays Top 3, Make It A Habit and just the standard list of 5. I don't know how new the launch of these are but if you're like me and these types of PostIt notes are a good addition on your desk, THESE* are the closest things I found on Amazon. 

Always train spotting in NB.

Rural roads, fall background; smells like home.

Really home. ;) 

PS - this last pic isn't mine, BUT, it was in my camera roll and it felt appropriate to add it to this photo dump blog post because .... yes, imagine a drumroll there .... the paperback of The Beauty Who Loved Him is now live. Grab yours HERE*. 

Or start the saga NOW*. 


See you next week, loves. 


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