Do things look a little different?

 Do things look a little different around here? 

I guess. 

Honestly, randomly removing content from the web without warning isn't something that's particularly new to me. I don't hold onto what isn't serving me. Back when I wrote fanfiction as a hobby, I did the same thing to a dozen or more stories simply because I woke up one day and decided I no longer wanted to write fanfic online anymore - what point did keeping those old stories up have? 

I mean, especially when I hated them. 

All writers learn to write somewhere. I feel like mine was taught in daily updates to my Jasper/Bella fics on, and none of those stories were any good to begin with. Apparently, some other people who thought they were the shit disagreed. So much so that they sought me out online - not the fanfic writer me, no, the real me who, at that time, had just begun my foray into pro/indie publishing. 

So, those terrible fanfics went back up on file saving sites where anyone who knew the titles and my old username could simply type into the Google search bar to bring them up, but at the same time, I didn't need to be the person, or account, responsible for distributing the stories/files. 

Unfortunately for my readers today, searching for old BK outtakes and short stories that had previously been published to this blog and my website may not be as easy. Not to mention, the disclaimer that went along with most of them that stated they were not to be distributed or shared for any reason outside of my permission. 

There's a good chance readers will see the outtakes again - probably neatly organized, also, depending on which books/series/characters the outtakes/shorts had been written for, and likely in one format. Or, available in limited places. I think for the hardcore fans of the Commission world books and characters, those outtakes are slices of life made into scenes that can almost fit in between some of the pages of your favorite books in that world. I do know that. 

I also want less of me on the internet. 

Does that make sense? 

I suppose if there's anything I struggled with the most as of late, it's probably that. Which is hard when this is also supposed to be my job. 


That's the deal with the outtakes. 

So, what's the deal with the blog? 

I don't know. 




  1. Do you and keep doing you 😤😉

  2. Hope you’re doing okay. Your outtakes were amazing to me. I would often just search for my favourites.

  3. Whatever you decide regarding your books or outtakes or career, thank you for the amazing stories and amazing characters you brought into our life. You are THE best mafia author ever and no one was even worthy of kissing your feet. Not rachel van dyken, not natasha knight, not a. zavarelly and definitely not that cora reilly cheap fraud.

    1. Being the best isn't ever the point for me, but I'm happy to be a favorite of anyone's regardless of the book. Please don't attack other authors, even with mean comments, because they are real people who see these things. Sending hugs to you.

  4. I come back regularly to see whether outtakes are back 😔


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